Thursday, April 24, 2008

contest winners & part 2 of the HANK LAZER TOC CONTEST!!!


thanks for all those who played our week-long Hank Lazer TOC contest.

first, we are happy to announce that JOSEPH MASSEY guessed all three blanks correctly 1) The Lyric VALUABLES 2) Lyricism of the SWERVE and 3) John Taggart's PASTORELLES, so he gets 3 Omnidawn books of his choice.

for the radical guesses, we are giving MATT a prize for his answer: "Nice work if you can get it: john taggart's HIGH PAID, SECRET GOVERNMENT JOB." Matt wins an Omnidawn book of his choice.

and finally, we chose DEREK's answer: "elephant" for the final winner. He also wins any Omnibook of his choice.

LOTS OF PRIZES. these crazy people at Omnidawn must really love its blog readers!!!

to claim your prize, please email me: cperez [at] omnidawn [dot] com


YES, i did mention a second contest. rules are the same. correct answers get books, funny answers get books. this will be up till the end of april. SO GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!


PART TWO of the Table of Contents of Hank Lazer's new Omnidawn book Lyric & Spirit: Selected Essays 1996-2008


Returns: Innovative Poetry and Questions of “Spirit” 209

Sacred Forgery and the Grounds of Poetic Archaeology:
Armand Schwerner’s The Tablets 265

The Art and Architecture of Holding Open:
The Radical ____1_____ of Architectural Body 281

Meeting in the Book: Reading Edmond Jabes through
Rosmarie Waldrop’s Lavish ____2____ 297

Poetry & Myth: The Scene of Writing, Thinking As Such 307

Force, Vector, Pressure: The Phenomena of that
Relationship (An Interview with Chris Mansel) 321

Reflections on The Wisdom Anthology
of North American Buddhist Poetry 329


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lyric & Spirit: Hank Lazer & a CONTEST!!!!

These pics of Hank Lazer are from the Poetry Flash Reading Series, featuring Hank and Mark Salerno, at the new Cody's in Berkeley, which took place on April 5. Mark Salerno:


Hank has a new book out from Omnidawn titled Lyric & Spirit: Selected Essays 1996-2008


Hank Lazer is both a critic and a poet. His brand new book from Omnidawn Publishing, Lyric and Spirit: Selected Essays, shows new ways of writing spirituality and the lyric, drawing on Language poetry, Buddhist verse, the jazz of Monk and Coltrane, Heidegger, Derrida, and much more. Lazer is also the author of twelve books of poetry perhaps unique in their developmental track from the tradition of William Carlos Williams on into a Language-based tradition. His two most recent books of poetry are The New Spirit and Elegies & Vacations. With Charles Bernstein, Hank Lazer edits the Modern and Contemporary Poetics Series for the University of Alabama.

A little about the reading series, hosted by Richard Silberg (who I just met yesterday -a really cool guy):

"From 1982-2006, Poetry Flash curated one of the West Coast's most exciting, inclusive, and longest running reading series at Cody's Books on Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, a leading, historically significant, independent bookstore. (The series began in the late sixties/early seventies.) That store closed on July 10, 2006. However, the Poetry Flash reading series continues, alive and well. Over one-hundred writers---primarily poets---continue to be introduced each year by our host, Poetry Flash Associate Editor Richard Silberg in various locations listed below. Now, as in the past, our series is open to diverse poetics, while providing a forum for poetry's best." (quoted from the poetry flash reading series website)


I was going to post a copy of the Table of Contents of Hank's new book to give you a sense of the essays, but instead i think i'll have a little 2-part contest. first, i will post half of the table of contents and leave a few words omitted. to win the contest, you have to guess one of the missing words. the first to guess correctly wins. NOT ONLY THAT, we will give prizes to the FUNNIEST responses! so have fun! the prize: any OMNIDAWN book of your choosing!!!! the contest will be open for a week.


Introduction 21


The Lyric ___1___: Soundings, Questions, & Examples 29

“Vatic Scat”: Jazz and the Poetry of Robert Creeley
and Nathaniel Mackey 83

Lyricism of the ___2___: The Poetry of Rae Armantrout 95

The Early 1950s and the Laboratory of the Short Line 129

Nice Work If You Can Get It: John Taggart’s ___3___ 159

Q & A Poetics 171

Thinking/Singing and the Metaphysics of Sound 185


Thursday, April 3, 2008




Saturday, April 5, 7pm: Poetry Flash presents

Hank Lazer (Lyric & Spirit, Omnidawn 2008)
and Mark Salerno (Odalisique)

at **New Cody's Location**

CODY's BOOKS, 2201 Shattuck Avenue,
corner of Allston Way, downtown Berkeley
Across the street from Berkeley BART,
near parking garages.



Reading @ Pegasus Books
Friday, April 4
7:30 pm

Poet/filmmaker/destroyer of dictionaries Chris Vitiello, in a rare west coast
appearance, will read from his new book Irresponsibility (just out from Ahsahta
Press) and provoke and alarm in a multitude of ways.

Writer/landscape-architect-in-training Mary Burger will read poems and essays from
the forthcoming book A Partial Handbook for Navigators (from Interbirth Books), and
attempt to figure out where she is.


from editor, Logan Ryan Smith:

DOROTHEA LASKY'S, TOURMALINE-- a collection of brilliant,
vibrant, honest, imaginative, and send-yr-ass-into-orbit kinda poems.

for more fun stuff, including very candid pictures of TOURMALINE hanging out
with the reclusive Pink Panther.

As always, trades are welcome, and if ye be too broke all you need to do is
tell me you have (or will have) voted for Obama when you had yr chance, and
you'll get yrself a free copy, lickity split. Seriously. Try me.



Catherine Imbriglio's book,

PARTS OF THE MASS (Burning Deck 2007),

has received the Norma Farber 1st Book Award of the Poetry Society of
America. It was selected by Thylias Moss.



Our book IN A TOWN CALLED MUNDOMUERTO is on the SFSITE as one of
their top 10 Editors Choice List.


Tendril, by Bin Ramke (Omnidawn, 2007)
recommended by Reginald Shepherd

Ramke's Tendril is a book of lyric meditations and intellectual musings that mixes personal memory with social and cultural history in a mesh of intertextuality that demonstrates how poems come out of poems and writing comes out of writing, but also out of passion and emotional necessity. This web of literary, scientific, and historical discourses both sustains the voice and is something against which the voice struggles to be heard. Ramke also demonstrates a gift for sustaining his meditations through extended formal, thematic,
intellectual, and musical arcs. - RS