Saturday, August 2, 2008



autumn in New York

A blur
at this tempo
a memo
often mingled ignores
with pain the store-
fronts lit with & rowing
against the river the going
& coming a blur:
prints on the keys
on the knees
of the city a lingering
I want to live
it a sieve


after Niedecker 4

slip so white
it hurts the eyes.
Nightgown blow
thru my bare snow
-blanket I
freight the night
—the marrow
of the hummer
(hotly) cared
for no objects here
water , summer
(the hot) shore
Good-bye to lilacs by the door


Edward Smallfield
is the author of The Pleasures of C and the coauthor of One Hundred Famous View of Edo, a book-length collaboration with Doug MacPherson. His poems have appeared in alice blue, Five Fingers Review, New American Writing, Parthenon West Review, 26, and a number of other magazines. He lives in Barcelona with his wife, the poet Valerie Coulton.



Hank Lazer said...

fine poems, edward!

hank lazer

Rupa Abdi said...

there are moments when you feel that you are almost there….
touching the infinite
that you are one with the vast universe
its expanse forever stretching beyond the realms of this earthly existence
like the silence between two notes
like the fleeting gaze of the Beloved
drink it with your breath
before it is gone…..