Sunday, November 16, 2008

POETRY FEATURE 11: Roger Snell


Journal II

After G.A.

Shapes of the unsaid
puncture the ordinary—

“astonished by daylight”

from exile, in

derivations of

would efface this
prelude for the sun

its solidarity—

a green node above
the filament


this half-
room in

the scuttled align-
ment of letters

the many-
lived lives
of words

unknown among
memory gaps—

a stillpoint for
the artifacts
of silence.

The hundredpoems—



Roger Snell lives in San Francisco with the lovely Ann Marie and their almost five year old son Duncan. They edit & publish Sardines Press. His new book The Morning has just been published by Plein Air Editions & Bootstrap Press. Check out a review of the book at Bookslut.


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