Sunday, December 14, 2008

POETRY FEATURE 13: Christina Mengert



            each time I think of you, you cease to be
                         -Jacques Roubaud

A bird, a stone – the body

is overturned. We lay it down

and call it “bolts of cloth.” Also

“lands of unlikeness.” Like a

phonograph, it is proof

we render the natural to scale,

more than motion, an incantation

brought back to the slick wreath

of human expression. Listen:

the page shudders, yes, like a sea.

Listen: who can hear the rest           (only the rest)


Christina Mengert is author of As We Are Sung, forthcoming from Burning Deck Press, and co-editor of 12x12: Conversations in Poetry and Poetics, forthcoming from the University of Iowa Press in 2009. She teaches creative writing and literature at the University of Colorado in Boulder and through UCLA's Writers' Extension Program.



Anonymous said...

Thanks! Great images, the flow keeps you moving over the words....peace ko shin

Jennifer K Dick said...

Beautiful poem, Christina. I look forward to reading your book in print. Excellent news, also, on 12x12 coming out in April 2009 at Univ of IA Press: congrats!!! --Jennifer K Dick