Monday, March 30, 2009

Announcement: Kudos website


check out the website KUDOS

Here's a description from their website:

Everybody always remembers that amazing moment they actually won a prize, but writers cannot lose, because entering competitions encourages inspiration, motivation and organisation.

Bigger and better than ever (increased from 28 to 32 pps).
And at just £3 per issue, the cost is largely offset by savings on postage (around 70p each time) because several entry forms are usually enclosed -
which also saves time and effort.

Formerly Competitions Bulletin, these listings are a convenient, up-to-date and accurate means (every item double checked - where possible) to make use of all the information you need to know, allegedly:
current UK writing competitions plus an increasing number of Overseas contests.

Also includes news items and information about markets, outlets and opportunities for all kinds of writing.

Is it the competition which is putting you off? Sticking to the rules improves the odds no end; most judges will tell you, around 50% of entries get disqualified straight off.


Kudos 75

Runs mainly from the end of the month right up to mid May


For starters, the funniest you're likely to read are on the Bulwer-Lytton website: read, enjoy and be inspired to enter your own. And there's more, jokes that is, with Wergle Flump, and Archangel Shecky, who is winging his way back.

Short stories galore, from Frome right up to Scotland (HISSAC), via Bournemouth, Bristol and Calderdale; not forgetting Dark Tales, Firstwriter and V.S. Pritchett

Last and by no means least, Orbis is joining forces with Virginia Warbey, for the very best in poetry.

PS, Myths and Legends, in poetry and prose, for Earlyworks Press. And if you want to know more about Grey Hen, Loaves and Fishes, plus of course, Purple Moose, all will be revealed - in this issue of Kudos.

Every issue, around 200 competitions - some with free entry; at least 50 for poetry, around 40 for short stories.

Plus collections, anthologies, playwriting, non fiction, books etc, home and abroad. Details of around £250,000 in prize money.

If you like the sound of Kudos, a free sample back issue can be emailed as a pdf file.


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