Monday, April 6, 2009

George Albon's BRIEF CAPITAL OF DISTURBANCES inspires music!



have you read George Albon's BRIEF CAPITAL OF DISTURBANCES? you should--it's fantastic!

also, check out the myspace page of Mischa Salkind-Pearl, who wrote a piece of music using BRIEF CAPITAL. The piece is called "American Temple" and is on his myspace playlist tab.

Omnidawn will send a free copy of George's book to the first person who listens to the musical piece, comments on Mischa's Myspace page, and then comments on this blog to alert me that your task is complete ;)



tyrone said...

I love Salkind-Pearl's beautifully, atmospheric, piece--I see she has at least four other selections on her myspace site--I will be checking those out too, I'd always meant to pick up George's book. Actually, it just occurred to me--do I even qualify since I too am an Omnidawn author? Oh well--thanks for referring us to this piece of music!


Omnidawn Publishing said...

of course you qualify! i will be emailing you shortly! thanks for playing!